I’m B-O-R-E-D, what can I DO-OO??

Have you ever wondered what librarians do when they’re in the back room?  If you’d been a fly on the wall in the returns area the other day, you would have heard a glorious rendition of the theme from the Brady Bunch, followed by melodious strains of

There’s a voice, keeps on calling me, down the road, that’s where I’ll always be.  Every stop I make, I’ll make a new friend…

Remember that one? No?? It must be 30 years since I saw The Littlest Hobo, but I can still remember the words to the song. This all started when a Roger Ramjet DVD came through the slot, and Sue said she could still clearly remember the theme song, and we all chimed in with other songs we could remember. Another one that sticks in my head is Hong Kong Phooey, and I was amazed to find that we have it – on tape, no less!

goodiesThis got me to thinking about TV shows that I loved to watch as a kid, and it turns out that we have loads of them on DVD. Like The Smurfs and Sooty. Children of Fire Mountain and Hunter’s Gold. George and Mildred and the Good Life.

So if the weather packs up again these holidays, and you need an answer to “I’m bored, what can I do-oo??” or you’d just like to take a trip down memory lane, I’ve put together a list of TV shows that I used to watch when I was a kid, and there’s a couple of theme song compilations in there too. I even included Little House on the Prairie, which I couldn’t stand — I much preferred the books!  

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