Zen Doodling and Murder – Holiday Heaven

I thought my holidays would be filled with reading, gardening and wondrous dinners out. How wrong I was. Instead it was filled with Zentangles, cleaning out cupboards, a sojourn to Timaru and the third season of The Killing. cover of the joy of zentangle

I first came across Zentangles through a library blog, thanks to tazliz. I dutifully put my name on the holds list and received a copy of The Joy of Zentangle right smack in middle of my break.

I’ve found it to be just as described. Relaxing, easy, cheap and as challenging or simple as you want it to be. I’m not sure I’ve reached any zen state while doing it, but it is a great way to unwind. You feel no pressure to create a masterpiece, but you can really get into it and try more and more complex designs and ideas. I love the concept that there are no mistakes and if you mess something up, you just work out a way to disguise it or incorporate it into a new design. It’s very portable and I’ve brought it to work to do in my lunch hour as well, so my reading is even more neglected.

The Killing, a Danish murder mystery series, has gripped me from the very first episode of the very first season, and I’m now two thirds through the third and final season. The Library collection has all three seasons. The first season, an epic 20 episodes, had  more twists than an extremely twisty thing, and this season, mercifully only 10 episodes, is just as tangly.cover of The Killing

The Danes appear to love their politics, so there is a healthy mix of mystery, mayhem and political intrigue, and it got me hooked on all things Scandinavian with subtitles. I’m thinking about reading the book by the same title by David Hewson. I’m unsure though as it was based on the series as an afterthought, so may not live up to expectations.

Mind you, with all the Zentangling going on, it might be a while until I get to it anyway!

What great books did you read over the holidays, or did you get side tracked?