EBook Club interviews Spiderman at South Learning Centre

EBook Club children and staff were thrilled to share a Skype interview with Spiderman, Cor Vink, Curator Of Natural History from Canterbury Museum. Cor attached a digital microscope to his computer and shared his screen during the interview. He took great delight in showing us extreme close-ups of a garden spider under the lens.

We were all astounded by facts and figures Cor shared with us. EBook Club children had been reading Science/ Animal related books, inspired by Science Alive/ Library Summer Reading Competition. They had researched various types of spiders and wanted to find out more so devised some questions to put to the expert!

The children will now record their findings using iPads and Mojo Masks to post on the Christchurch kids blog.

What a super experience!
eBook Club talks to Spiderman

Acrobats for Christmas: Picturing Canterbury

Photo of Acrobats at the Hay's Christmas parade.
Acrobats at the Hay’s Christmas parade.

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