2013 – A year in reading

I was inspired by this Vic books post: December — A Time to Review the Year’s Reading. We have all been busy picking our Best of the year, but the idea here is to go a bit deeper – to look at your reading habits, and maybe stir them up a bit.

I use the catalogue to record the books I’ve read (here’s how) – so have a look at the flavours of my completed shelf  – from Kylie Fashion back in January to Morrissey in December …

Cover of Kylie FashionCover of Autobiography

  • 111 books read
  • 18 New Zealand titles
  • 88 non-fiction
  • 28 graphic novels
  • 15 memoirs
  • 18 books about art and photography
  • 32 on fashion and style
  • 7 music-related titles
  • 5 books about science
  •  and in a meta meta thing – 6 books about reading or books.

I thought I’d read a lot of New Zealand books this year – but is 18 out of 111 a lot – or not? Either way – my impression is of a stellar year in New Zealand publishing all round.

I think what my list tells me is:

  • When pushed for time (and who isn’t), a nice book on fashion, style or art can be consumed (and savoured) more quickly than a novel.
  • Girl gotta have her graphic novels/comics.
  • Where are all the history books I used to read? And the occasional historical novel? In 2013 – not a lot.
  • I definitely used to read more music books too …

What the list doesn’t reveal is my chronic overarching bookily ambition. I can never read all the things I borrow – my book consuming eyes are bigger than my stomach. Still, it is fun to try and gorge.

Here’s my next targets that may slip in before the end of 2013:

Cover of S Cover of The world is ever changing Cover of Reform

5 thoughts on “2013 – A year in reading

  1. caitlinstern 12 December 2013 / 5:37 pm

    I haven’t broken down my reading like that–though it’s really cool that you did. I know I’d have lots of urban fantasy, Pride & Prejudice-based books, mystery, a handful of memoirs, many zombie and post-apocalyptic books, and a fair chunk of books about books and reading.

    Also, S. is on my TBR list, too!

    • Donna 13 December 2013 / 8:41 am

      Cool, tell me how you go with it!

  2. Gallivanta 12 December 2013 / 7:34 pm

    Wow! Do all librarians read that many books? Does everyone read that many books in a year? I guess I am a slow reader 😦

    • Donna 13 December 2013 / 8:42 am

      I am curious now to find out what is an average amount of books to read. My total is definitely bolstered by all those graphic novels!

      • Gallivanta 13 December 2013 / 12:32 pm

        I would be below average, I am sure, but perhaps divide the number of library patrons by the number of books issued each year ???????? That might give a rough idea. I am curious too.

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