Credo: not just a pretty face

Credo logoThe  Credo Online Reference platform has had a makeover. It continues to offer searchable online reference books but it is now on a sleek new platform. Credo’s creator has called this product  “the librarian’s answer to Wikipedia”! They believe that many people turn to Wikipedia when they are just starting to look for something whereas you should start here at Credo with its authoritative information and clever tools such as:

  • Mind maps: enter a subject and Credo will create a visual brainstorm that expands the search and helps you find related terms;
  • Topic pages: search for DNA and see topic pages for DNA, DNA profiling and DNA fingerprinting;
  • An image library, crossword solver, quotation finder, biographies and a pronunciation tool with audio files so you can impress with your finely tuned speech;
  • Printing in PDF and sharing your finds on Facebook, Twitter and email.

Now I must confess despite misgivings about Wikipedia, I have with a guilt-ridden heart used it. Credo is attempting to change this pattern by pointing to Credo as not only the start button but the finish button as well. Have a play and see if the hype lives up to the reality.

One thought on “Credo: not just a pretty face

  1. Juliet 19 November 2013 / 5:02 pm

    I’d never heard of Credo, so am grateful to be pointed to another good resource. Thank you.

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