Fiction A to Z: picks from our October newsletter

Some picks from our October Fiction A to Z  newsletter:

Cover of The Life and Loves of Lena GauntCover of Max GateCover of After HerCover of WahineCover of Let The Games BeginCover of Let Him GoCover of The ReturnedCover of Flat Water TuesdayCover of The Marrying of Chani Kaufman

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What men really want

Photo of Smith Journal by Roberta Smith
Smith Journal

What men really want is Smith Journal, according to this new kid on the magazine block at Christchurch Libraries.

Initially, working out its target market was challenging. I’ve decided that it’s like Frankie magazine, but for metrosexuals. Smith’s wanted a mag that:

…smart, creative guys could peruse without shame, slap down on the coffee table, whack in their favourite old satchel or display proudly on the toilet reading rack. Something that looked good, but had substance, wit and inspiration. At a time when everything seems like it’s speeding up, Smith is a call to slow down.

What Smith Journal wasn’t looking for as their demographic of choice was a sixties throwback female library assistant, but they’ve got me anyway. I love this classy mag.

Smith Journal is from the same publishing stable as Frankie. I’m crazy about Frankie. Sitting in a cafe with a good cappuccino, great background music and a Frankie magazine is akin to a religious experience for me. Yet I am not their target market either. Frankie is the me that used to be.

Another great periodical on library shelves is Selvedge. Selvedge is the magazine to be seen reading. It makes you feel arty and intelligent without putting yourself under any pressure to get all craftsy. Selvedge doesn’t demean the whole creativity thing by providing you with step-by-step-instructions, instead it  exposes you to the very best fabric creativity worldwide.

MagazinesMy final favourite is The Oldie. Say No More.

Well actually just a teensy bit more: with our collection of over 500 magazines at your disposal (Peterborough Library is magazine heaven) – there’s honestly a magazine for every person and every stage in life.

Got any favourites of your own?