Kids’ Books: picks from our October newsletter

Some picks from our October Kids’ Books newsletter:

Cover of My Tourist Guide to the Centre of the EarthCover of Mister Max: The Book of Lost ThingsCover of A Cat Called ElvisCover of Lego Minifigures Character EncyclopediaCover of FishtalesCover of Cave of WondersCover of Flora & UlyssesCover of BoomCover of Only You Can Save Mankind

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Need for eye candy

Cover of RipeAfter all this “packing up the house for earthquake repairs” malarkey I am one tired and distracted reader. I have a pile of books beside my bed and can’t pick any of them. I need to browse for pleasure. I need eye candy.

Cookbooks are my kinda eye candy. I like to lose myself in delectable recipes, luscious looking images and tempting tasty treats. Simple quirky recipes, concise instructions with not too many ingredients are a pleasure to read.  I just need to laze around browsing cookbooks to soothe my tired body and mind.

Losing myself in cookbooks began many years ago with Mollie (Moosewood Restaurant), Alison (New Zealand icon), Mary (famous dad Paul), Ruth (home entertaining goddess), Lois (ex-Listener columnist), Lauraine (baker extraordinare) and Hugh (passionate seasonal foodie) to name just a few. They willingly share their love of food and cooking. I willingly lap it all up.

I begin browsing with Ripe Recipes, A Fresh Batch, produced by Ripe Deli, a delicatessen in Auckland. This is a follow-up collection to their 2010 Ripe recipe book. The contents page provides a great overview with salads, finger foods, high teas, Mexican food and deli dinners all stimulating my interest. This book is full of delicious sounding recipes, standout photos and easy to follow instructions. I have a short list of recipes I want to follow up on, Charred Smoky Baked Eggplants being an absolute starter.

Next in the pile is another New Zealand cookbook Cook Simple Fresh Meal Ideas For Busy Lives. Fresh seasonal food is shared through such headings as weeknights, weekends, breakfasts and occasions. Each recipe has a full page colour image which brings the food alive and makes it look easy to make. I like the idea of this book but I want more to salivate over.

honestly healthyAs it’s Spring I am looking for lighter recipe ideas. Honestly Healthy  is written by two friends who share a passion for food. It provides just the right mix with innovative salads, lighter meal options and nourishing looking dishes. I browse backwards and forwards through this book enjoying the look and layout of the recipes. There is information about alkaline foods and balanced eating which provide added interest .

I’ve made a good start with my cookbook browsing. I’m slowly letting go of the stress from packing and am beginning to relax. I intend to continue with these pleasurable pursuits. Tanoshii Joy of Making  Japanese Style Cakes and Desserts is my next read.

What is your kinda eye candy?