Train mad weekend this weekend

This long weekend is huge for train and history fans with the celebration of 150 years of rail in New Zealand in Christchurch.

Rail heritage groups from around Canterbury have joined forces to celebrate the 150th birthday of New Zealand’s railways. The effort is headed by the Canterbury Railway Society, who are based at Ferrymead Heritage Park in Christchurch.

The celebration will centre around a three day exposition of displays and operation of vintage railway equipment over Labour Day Weekend at Ferrymead Heritage Park, the site of New Zealand’s first public railway.

The three day weekend will give people a chance to see and ride preserved and restored rail equipment dating back to the late 1800s including a trip through the Lyttelton Rail Tunnel to Lyttelton!

Railway resources in the library;

For me the highlight is the Silver Fern railcar’s appearance. I am booked to go on it and can’t wait!

The Atalanta Ladies’ Cycling Club: Picturing Canterbury

Photo of The Atalanta Ladies' Cycling Club [ca. 1892] Standish & Preece
The Atalanta Ladies’ Cycling Club ca. 1892 – photo by Standish and Preece
The club for women cyclists was formed in August 1892. The women met with some opposition from the public as they cycled around Christchurch and at time brothers of the women accompanied them on outings to ward off attacks by stone throwers. The club closed in 1897 by which time public attitudes to women cyclists had changed.

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