OverDrive will save your blushes

According to the Daily Telegraph we use e-books to save us from embarrassment. Apparently we like to to hide books we would rather not let other people see us reading within the electronic walls of an e-reader. For all anyone knows you are reading How to Teach your Children Shakespeare when really you are reading Highlander Most Wanted! Maybe your mates think you are reading Lifelong Landscape Design when really you want to know How to be more interesting.

So it is not surprising to hear that electronic versions of Mills and Boons are now outselling the paperback variety. With our own e-book collection romance is the biggest mover. Why the shame? What is so wrong with wanting a bit of romance and fantasy in your life? Certainly knowing that you can slip into another world with a man and his kilt and castle takes the edge of having to face the working day!

As a librarian I can assure library users that much like doctors – if you have seen one you have seen them all! You can not shock us with your book requests and we do not judge! Personally I can remember blushing when I got out Clan of the Cavebear as a 14 year old as I heard it had rude bits in it. The rumours were true!

Can you think of  a title that you embarrassed to be caught with? Why are the Mills and Boons with their bright pink covers always the last to go at a library book sale? Should we hand out brown paper bags?