Kathy Reichs, professor of seemingly everything

Cover of Bones of the lostHaving sat staring at a blank screen for nearly half an hour, I am giving up trying to craft a fascinating and alluring blog post on one of my favourite authors ever, and instead I am going to go all infomercial on you.  Because if you are already a fan, that’s not going to change and you will have bought your ticket, and we will see you there.

If you’ve never read the books, or watched the shows, all I can say is: it’s not too late.

  • Start here, by booking your tickets for the Christchurch event this Monday 23 September 7.30pm at the Addington Events Centre.
  • And then (if you’re a fast reader) rush out and find this book.  Or if you prefer to read while lying down with your eyes closed, go here for the audio version.
  • Get 3 dimensional with the DVD version of the books – the library now has seven seasons of Bones available.
  • And in the extra-for-experts category, have a look at all the other amazing things we have that deal with forensic anthropology, both fiction and non-fiction.

Missy T and I will be spending the weekend writing a list of witty and intelligent questions that show just how fan-girl we are, while also revealing our wide-ranging knowledge on the subjects of forensics, the FBI, serial killers, bone farms, profiling … and wondering how easy it is to switch from librarian-ing to cutting up dead people.

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