Helen Lowe continues her stellar career

book cover for The gathering of the lostWe are always exited when a local writer achieves success on a wider stage – look at the fuss over Eleanor Catton. Even more so when they do so in a bold way – certainly Eleanor Catton has done that with her massive, specifically structured novel.

Now we can add Christchurch writer Helen Lowe who has boldly launched into a 4 novel fantasy series. Her first novel in the series, The heir of night, won a top international prize (the Gemmell Morningstar Award for Best Fantasy Newcomer) and now the second in the series The gathering of the lost, published last year, is shortlished for the David Gemmell Legend Award for best fiction.

Publicly announcing you are writing a 4 novel series seems a very brave thing to do. Can you keep the story and characters credible over 4 books? Keep them interesting and maintain the standard? Fans can be exacting.

We’ve written about and talked to  Helen Lowe before as she has pursued her exciting and successful career. Berinda Joy did an in depth interview with her in 2010 following the cancellation of The Press Writers Festival 2010.

Here is her latest interview with the award organisers.

If you are a Helen Lowe fan you may like to visit her website or follow her blog – she writes regularly about writing, poetry and the genres of fantasy and science fiction.

More Dead People For Your Pleasure

Christchurch City Council Cemeteries
Christchurch City Council Cemeteries Database

One of our special little treats is the Christchurch City Council Cemeteries Database. This records people who have been buried in the Cemeteries managed by the Council. You know – Addington Cemetery, Avonhead Park Cemetery, Barbadoes Street Cemetery, Belfast Cemetery, Bromley Cemetery, Linwood Cemetery, Memorial Park Cemetery, Ruru Lawn Cemetery, Sydenham Cemetery, Waimairi Cemetery, Woolston Cemetery, Yaldhurst Cemetery.

Oh but not that many from Barbadoes Street.

When Banks Peninsula District amalgamated with the Christchurch City Council in 2006 their interments continued to be managed in a separate system until recently when they were brought together. That data is now available to the public in the Christchurch City Council Cemeteries Database.

So now we bring you burials from the cemeteries of  Akaroa Anglican, Akaroa Catholic, Akaroa Dissenters, Diamond Harbour, Duvauchelle, Kaituna, Le Bons Bay, Little River, Lyttelton Anglican, Lyttelton Catholic, Lyttelton Public, Lyttelton RSA, Pigeon Bay, Port Levy and  Wainui.

Happy digging.

Malt digestive brown bread Mmmmmm: 1902

View in our collection


We have digitised a rather splendid 1902 publication Tourists’ guide to Canterbury.