Reel life in Canterbury – travelling film show

Interior of St Michael'sImagine a cool historic building, a live accompaniment and a programme of historic films about Canterbury and you are set for the old timey travelling film show from New Zealand Historic Places Trust.

Called Reel life in Canterbury the screening includes 17 short films which are a great way to see some of our beautiful historic buildings and  landscape. The earliest film from 1910 shows the Hinge family in their home at 10 Berry Street, St Albans. In A Daughter of Christchurch a new school teacher arrives in town and is wooed by Freddy Fishface, a shady journalist and Bill Cowcocky, a handsome farmer. Made by Rudall Haywood in 1928 it starred Christchurch locals and features a fistfight on the banks of the Avon.

There are films from North Canterbury and the Mt Cook area and also films featuring buildings that did not survive the earthquakes. The silent films have a live musical accompaniment. The Christchurch venue is St Michael’s and All Angels Church, 84 Oxford Terrace, door sales only at a bargain basement $5.00 and two screenings on Saturday 14 September at 4pm and 7.30pm.

And just to remind you of the golden age of movie going when Christchurch was dotted with great picture palaces – our Movie Theatres collection of heritage photographs.

Lloyd Jones, I am ready to be heartbroken

Photo of Lloyd JonesLloyd Jones is talking about A history of silence, his memoir, on Wednesday 11 September.  This is a Press Christchurch Writers Festival event at the Christchurch Arts Festival. I’m going and hopefully will see plenty of you are too.  Why? Because Lloyd is one of New Zealand’s top writers. And also because has written about us Christchurchy people and our earthquake experiences as well as himself.  Text Publishing says:

A History of Silence is a book about a country and a broken landscape. It’s about the devastation in Christchurch, after the 2011 earthquake. It’s about how easily we erase stories we find inconvenient.

Cover of Mister PipLloyd is also in the news as the movie version of his popular Mister Pip (starring Hugh Laurie) is about to hit cinemas.

I didn’t know we had an interview with him!

Do you have a nickname and if so what is it?
As a kid I was known as ‘Jones the bag of bones’!
What was your most embarrassing moment?
There are too many to remember. Covering Philip Rush’s Cook Strait swim as a reporter, and eating by mistake his bananas and biscuits rates highly.

I’d recommend also reading a pair of excellent recent interviews in The Age and The Press.

More Lloydia

PS The title of this post derives from a favourite song (by Camera Obscura) Lloyd, I’m ready to be heartbroken which is an answer song to Lloyd Cole’s Are you ready to be heartbroken? A whole lotta Lloyd.

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