Teen Scene: picks from our latest newsletter

Some picks from our August Teen Scene newsletter:

Cover of Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong.Cover of Icons.Cover of Siege and Storm.Cover of Mortal Fire.Cover of The Freedom MerchantsCover of Mojo.Cover of The Shadow Society.Cover of Hate List.Cover of The Battle of Jericho

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Do you have a little poetry in you?

Cover of Haiku Poetry Ancient & ModernIt’s National Poetry Day on August 16th and you still have time to enter a little poem in our competition.

You could flirt with the 17 syllables of haiku, free range like e. e. cummings or dash off a sonnet.

Something short in other words.

Not that I’m suggesting that writing a short poem is easy, not if my blogging experience is anything to go by. A long time ago, we bloggers were challenged to write blogs of under 100 words on Canterbury. I produced four Pineapple Lumps blogs. They were the most difficult blogs I have ever written.

But here’s a thought: maybe tweets are the new haiku. With a limit of 140 characters and inspiring examples in Twitter Wit, could this be a new way to acknowledge Poetry Day 2013?