Crafty librarians

"Create" DisplayLibrarians are a crafty lot. Their inventiveness constantly amazes me. Currently we have a knitted pig known as Crisp E Bacon (apologies to all vegetarians) sitting in our workroom (see him in the display at right). He is the handiwork of a colleague who loves to knit. I understand her son is the proud owner of a whole herd of knitted dinosaurs.

Our small staff includes enthusiastic quilt-makers, knitters, painters, decoupage and mosaic artists, makers of jewelry and all manner of other things. The library network as a whole also boasts some pretty amazing artists as shown by our Bookish Artists exhibition held occasionally at New Brighton Library.

If you are the creative type, working a library is a great thing to do. Books inspiring art and craft projects abound on our shelves and can be seen departing daily in the arms of starry-eyed librarians planning their next triumph.

Cover of Knitted farm animals.The rest of you don’t need to miss out though. Have a browse and put some inspiration on hold or on your for later shelf. Watch our for new books under Crafts and collecting in new non fiction or look in our catalogue for quilting, knitting, embroidery, or decoupage for inspiration.

For painting try acrylic, watercolour , oils or tempera painting techiniques Books can also be found under subjects such as wildlife painting, landscape painting and still-life painting

3 thoughts on “Crafty librarians

  1. ValerieL 29 July 2013 / 1:58 pm

    Crisp E. Bacon looks very cute. We have Freddy at Shirley. A short fat knitted penguin with a fondness for lollies. We also have a supply of knitted road cones for emergencies.

  2. Bowiechelle 30 July 2013 / 10:15 am

    We also have a craft group that meets once a month at Shirley Library – Craft Space – on the last Tuesday of every month from 1pm until 3pm. We have guest speakers that come along and teach us about a particular craft. Today we have ladies from the Canterbury cake icing guild coming to teach us some basic skills.

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