Global business insights at the library

Business Insights GlobalI have to admit when I think of  business I get all bored and my mind starts to wander – this may explain why I am poor. For those of you more interested in the subject we have something new and exciting –  Business Insights: Global contains 24/7 online access to:

  • More than 2 million investment research/brokerage reports;
  • Thousands of detailed financial reports, market research reports and industry reports;
  • SWOT reports (updated quarterly);
  • Thousands of interactive live charts for economic and business indicators;
  • Nearly 500,000 detailed company profiles and histories;
  • Links to related content and statistical data in all industry and company profiles.

New Zealand companies are also included such as  Fonterra, Telecom, Kiwibank and Mighty River Power.

Here at Christchurch City Libraries we do have many business information sources if you do not find what you are looking for with this new electronic resource. From career advice to company information and global trade we have something for everyone.

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