Christchurch – this week in history (10 June – 16 June)

WigramJune 10, 1868
William Wilson elected first Mayor of Christchurch.
June 10, 1935
John Drew and poet/typographer Dennis Glover founded Caxton Press to publish New Zealand literature. Most of the decade’s best writers were first published by the company.
June 11, 1982
Sir Hamish Hay, Mayor of Christchurch since 1974, knighted in Queen’s Birthday honours.
June 12, 1848
“Kemp’s Deed” signed by Ngai Tahu giving the New Zealand Company control of land from Kaiapoi to Otago.
June 15, 1874
Canterbury College (University) opens. A subsequent public protest prevented its proposed buildings from being sited in what are now the Botanic Gardens.
June 16, 1932
Robert McDougall Art Gallery opens. The gallery was a gift of R.E. McDougall, Managing Director of Aulsebrooks and Company.
June 17, 1843
John Deans lands sheep, cattle and horses at Lyttelton.

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