Big Library Read

book coverSomething new and exciting is happening in libraries around the world. In fact over 2,000 of them are taking part in a new initiative called the Big Library Read.

What is the Big Library Read? It is a program in which libraries worldwide offer a single eBook to their members. In addition to creating a global “library book club”, it will spotlight one title for a set time period for library members around the world to read simultaneously.

As a Christchurch City Libraries member you are invited to join in the fun. You can download and read The Four Corners of the Sky on OverDrive between 16 May and 2 June – there is no limit on how many people can check this title out!

About The Four Corners of the Sky:

Twenty years is a long time to be without a father, and for Navy pilot Annie Peregrine-Goode the sky has become a home the earth has never been. So when her father calls out of the blue to ask for a dying wish both absurd and mysterious is the easiest of answers. Until she hears that the reward is the one thing she always wanted. Thus begins an enchanting novel that bursts with energy from the first pages, and sweeps you off on a journey of unforgettable characters, hilarious encounters, and haunting secrets. Malone brings characters to life as only he can, exploring the questions that defy easy answers: Is love a choice or a calling? Why do the ties of family bind so tightly? And is forgiveness a gift to others or a gift we give ourselves?

So come on,  join in and download The Four Corners of the Sky now,  then let us know what you thought of it and the Big Library Read.

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