Finding a new author at the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival

Search catalogue for The CookThere are good and bad aspects about going to the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival. The good is reading all the new authors that you haven’t read before, and the bad is, reading all the new authors that you haven’t read before! My pile is growing daily and I do wonder how I will get through it all.

On the good side I have recently finished The Cook by Wayne Macauley. I started off feeling a bit ho-hum, as no actual dialogue and sparse use of commas and full stops took a bit of getting used to, but  then suddenly I was racing along, no longer aware of the writing style but fully immersed in what turned out to be a compulsive page turner with a ending that left me gasping.  One reviewer describes it like

falling into a bail of barbed wire in the dark and fighting to get out till morning.  The more I struggled, the more it got under my skin.

As the title indicates it is a book about food and the foodie culture, but then ventures into corruption, excess, money, and how to butcher a lamb.  Not for the squeamish.

Wayne Macauley will be speaking about his writing in one session. He is also presenting a workshop on the short story. There will also be a free event called Food for thought with Wayne and the following authors reading from work that “celebrates or scorns these foodie times”:

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