Christchurch – this week in history (6 May – 12 May)

May 6, 1939
New Municipal Electricity Department building opens.
May 7, 1917
Canterbury Aviation Company makes first flights from Sockburn Aerodrome, New Zealand’s first airport.
May 8, 1945
V.E. (Victory in Europe) day celebrations.
May 8, 1975
New Zealand’s first mini roundabout in operation at the corner of Riccarton Road and Deans Avenue.
May 8, 1981
Go-ahead given for National Sports Training Centre at Q.E.II Park.
May 8, 1987
Sir Neil Isaac, founder of Peacock Springs Conservation Park dies.
May 9, 1915
Christchurch tennis star (4 times Wimbledon champion) Captain A. F. Wilding killed in action in Belgium.
May 10, 1975
Ms Vicki Buck becomes the city’s (and New Zealand’s) youngest ever City Councillor at 19.
May 11, 1891
Sumner Borough formed.
May 11, 1908
Colosseum becomes the city’s first picture theatre. The building was claimed to have the largest wooden span in New Zealand. It had previously been a skating rink, a boot factory and a cab stand. See also 1932.
  • More May events in our Christchurch chronology.

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