Wrap your brain around your brain: Thought provoking books on the human brain

Understanding the human brain was always going to be a topic which … well which fascinates the human brain. If you need any proof of just how interesting we find it, just look at this list of recent library books on the topic.

Neuroscience is a hot topic and brain imaging has made it apparently explicable to us all – ooh look at that bit light up when he looks at a picture of his beloved.

It turns out its not that simple. Scientists,  theologians and philosophers are still arguing about some very basic definitions –  like whether the mind resides in the brain or if it is something else altogether, and do we really know what those glowing synapses are telling us? The final verdict could revolutionize our view of ourselves.

The prospect of understanding how we tick in a whole new way has led to some thought provoking questions. Recent books in our collection explore them:


Try some of them out, and wrap your brain around the topic of your brain.

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