Are you overdoing it?

Cover: Repetitive Strain InjuryOur modern lives require more repetitive tasks with less overall physical activity.

If you’re like me and work with computers, or spend considerable amounts of time engaging in any repetitive movements, you may be prone to suffering Repetitive Strain Injury, otherwise known as Occupational Overuse Syndrome.

For prevention and treatment suggestions, try the resources in our catalogue and research health articles in The Source (to access the Source from home, enter your library card number and PIN.)


Most of all remember to take breaks, stretch, and keep general stress levels to a minimum.

OverDrive – the next generation

OverDriveOverDrive has launched an updated website. If you are not sure what OverDrive is, then let us call it a treasure chest of over 6,000 e-books and downloadable audiobooks, covering all known areas of human interest.

The changes to the website include:

  • Grid and List  title views;
  • An “Account” page where you can now view your Holds, Lists (Wish List,  Rated titles, and Recommendations for you), and change your lending period;
  • A ribbon below each title to allow you to add or remove it from your Wish List;
  • A format icon in the top-right corner of a cover image that will tell you if a title is available – if a title isn’t available, the icon will be greyed out.

There are a few other changes too that can be  discovered by having a play or reading through these instructions.

OverDrive has also introduced OverDrive Read, a new browser-based e-book reading experience. This is another alternative to current download practices as it allows users to just open up an e-book without having to install or activate extra software. You will though still need to check your browsers compatibility. If you want to continue to use an earlier edition of Internet Explorer, then you can install for free  the Google Chrome Frame Plugin or simply use the basic version of OverDrive Read. If you currently use a cable to connect and copy your title you will probably continue to use your current method and choose EPUB.

Our customer contact centre is prepared to assist customers with any technical issues.

To explore these changes further take a gander at this YouTube Video.