The Lady’s Not for Turning

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I woke up to the radio this morning telling me of Margaret Thatcher’s passing. Being a fairly apathetic soul when it comes to things pertaining to British politics, I admit to knowing little about her era of politics, but I do know she was a polarising figure for British subjects, and many worldwide. So rather than add my five cents worth of ignorance, I’ll leave it to the large collection of books, audiobooks and DVDs we have in the library collection. Come in and find titles from a wide range of points of view, including Margaret’s herself.

You can also check out Press Display through our website for the latest news and obituaries of Baroness Thatcher.

A quote from today’s Guardian:

Clive Barger, a 62-year-old adult education tutor, said he had turned out to mark the passing of “one of the vilest abominations of social and economic history”.

He said: “It is a moment to remember. She embodied everything that was so elitist in terms of repressing people who had nothing. She presided over a class war.”

And from The Telegraph:

Many features of the modern globalised economy – monetarism, privatisation, deregulation, small government, lower taxes and free trade – were all promoted as a result of policies she employed to reverse Britain’s economic decline.

Above all, in America and in Eastern Europe she was regarded, alongside her friend Ronald Reagan, as one of the two great architects of the West’s victory in the Cold War.

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