Christchurch – this week in history (8 April – 14 April)

8 April 1865
First issue of ”Punch in Canterbury“. It was modelled on the English magazine, but did not survive for long.
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10 April 1882
Joubert and Twopeney’s New Zealand International Exhibition opens in South Hagley Park. The exhibition, complete with an educated pig and an armless lady drew a total attendance of over 250,000 until it closed on July 15.

The principal objects which attracted the attention of the visitors were the armless lady, the Punch and Judy in the side show, and the stocking knitting apparatus.

From a report in The Press report (8 May 1882) Papers Past.

10 April 1965
Airport becomes New Zealand’s first jet airport with the inauguration of the first regular jet flights from Christchurch to Australia.

12 April 1840
“Sarah and Elizabeth” lands Herriot, McGillivray, Ellis, Shaw (and wife) and McKinnon (with his wife and child) who try to establish a farm at Riccarton. They are the first European settlers on the plains.

12 April 1850
John Robert Godley, first leader of the Canterbury Association settlers, arrives with his wife in Lyttelton on “Lady Nugent”. He quarrels with Thomas, and departs for Wellington, not returning until November 28. (It appears that he had no intention of settling permanently in the new colony.)

CWI meeting forms the National Council of Women13 April 1896
City hosts the first meeting of the National Council of Women.

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