Recent necrology, March 2013

A list of well-known people who have died recently

  • book coverChinua Achebe, 1930-2013
    Novelist and poet hailed as the founding father of modern African literature
  • Barbara Anderson, 1926-2013
    Acclaimed NZ author who wasn’t published until aged in her sixties
  • Hugo Chavez Frias, 1954-2013
    Venezuelan President who embraced 21st century socialism and raged at the United States
  • Richard Griffiths, 1947-2013
    Celebrated English actor of stage, film and television
  • James Herbert, 1943-2013
    Bestselling author of horror classics The rats, and The frog
  • Alvin Lee, 1944-2013
    Rock guitarist and leader of Ten Years After who electrified Woodstock in 1969
  • George Lowe, 1924-2013
    Last of the team, including Edmund Hillary, that first conquered Everest
  • Rise Stevens, 1913-2013
    Opera singer with a million-dollar voice who played the seductress as Carmen and as Delilah
  • Frank Thornton, 1921-2013
    Actor who excelled as the disdainful Captain Peacock in the sitcom Are you being served?
  • Katharina Wolpe, 1931-2013
    Pianist who ranged from Schubert to Schoenberg