Learning how to use your computer

You’ve been given, or have finally decided you must have, a computer/tablet/e-book reader, but you’re haven’t really worked out how to use it? What to do?

Libraries are very aware that their customers have a need to know more about using computers, both generally and  specifically in relation to libraries – using our e-books or databases for example. We are endeavoring to meet that need wherever possible. Here’s some of the things we can offer you:

  • Pop down to  your local library and ask someone to help you locate some useful computer  books
    like the Computers for dummies series or other introductory computer series
  • Get yourself booked into a free or low cost session at a library.
    The Learning Centre brochure lists six week courses which are run each term. Other sessions are sometimes offered at individual libraries. For example, Central Library Tuam is about to start a four session course called Introduction to your new laptop (beginning on 3 April) and your local library may be planning something similar.
    Many libraries also run regular drop in sessions which are tailored to individual needs, from using a mouse to downloading an e-book.

If these don’t work for you try our community information database known as CINCH . It will direct you to any number of other computer study options around the city.

All too hard? Just have a chat to your friendly librarian about how to access our classes and resources.

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