The loblolly boy – New Zealand e-book month

The loblolly boy has the gift of flight: he’s invisible to most people, apart from a very few who are known as the Sensitives. The loblolly boy also has the power to Exchange: that is to swap identities with anyone willing to do so. The children who usually decide to Exchange with the loblolly boy are often escaping some miserable aspect of their lives: but they soon realize that the powers of flight and invisibility come at a cost. To become one of these magical, Peter Pan-like creatures brings complications and dangers that most never anticipate. Once someone becomes a loblolly boy, they sacrifice their sensory, human nature: they can no longer eat or enjoy food, or share human contact with the majority of people.

The loblolly boy is also a creature much coveted by sinister figures called Collectors. When the loblolly boy swaps identities with the narrator of this story, we are taken on an exciting, truly imaginative odyssey. We follow the loblolly boy through a chain of transformations and encounters with intriguing, fantastic characters, and travel at a dizzying pace. In the heart of this chamber of mirrors is a swirling logic problem, which acts as both a teaser and a magical, mysterious adventure.

Does the loblolly boy unravel his past and rediscover his family? Who are the red-headed twin girls who can see him so clearly? And who is the dark, sinister, spidery man hovering with a butterfly net in our peripheral vision?

You can read The loblolly boy as an e-book from our Overdrive collection.

The loblolly boy is also available as a paper book  and an Audiobook.

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