New Zealand’s Most Sexy Book Cover and Desert island Kiwi reads

New Zealand’s sexiest book cover?
When it comes to fleshy delights, I do recommend this cover for A Breed of women Dame Fiona Kidman. A perfect breast, a curlicued font and a glimpse of New Zealand heritage-esque landscape gets a Phwwoar! from me.
But I do have a major hankering for old illustrated covers like these two beauties:

It is easy to get revved up about book covers. I’ve documented my 2012 favourites. The PANZ Book Design Awards is a great resource for checking out the best in Kiwi book design.

See also Coverup: the art of the book cover in New Zealand.

What’s your desert island Kiwi classic read, and why?
Search the catalogue for Secrets and TreasuresDang it, how do you ever decide? We have compiled a list of favourite NZ books. It has a good range of kids, fiction and non-fiction. Emma of BooksellersNZ has done a post on great NZ books.

The Edmonds cookbook might be annoyingly teasing in a desert environment, so I am plumping for Secrets and Treasures: Our Stories Told through the Objects at Archives New Zealand by Ray Waru. I could happily dip in and out of this beautifully illustrated tome for years.

More NZ Book Month Q&As

What do you reckon is NZ’s sexiest book cover?
And what book would you take on your desert island jaunt?
Do tell!

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