Ngaio Marsh wanted to be a painter

Hamlet, produced by the University of Canterbury Drama Society and performed at the Civic Theatre 11 July 1958

The 2013 Ngaio Marsh Memorial Lecture “Painting in a Writer’s Landscape” takes place on Sunday April 28, 5–6 pm, Christ’s College Old Boys’ Theatre. Ngaio is well-known as a writer of detective fiction and nationally respected as a director of Shakespearean theatre, but her early ambition was to be a painter. Christchurch art historian Julie King will discuss how Ngaio Marsh’s work as an artist found expression in her novels.

Tickets $15 from Philippa Bates, 16 Hounslow St,
Please pay by cheque made out to The Friends of Ngaio Marsh, and enclose a stamp-addressed envelope for delivery of your tickets.

Information from The Press Christchurch Writers Festival.

Find out more about the fabulous Dame and view our photos.

The Rink Stables 1902

Here is another view of the Rink Stables, this one from 1899 or 1900. Horses were volunteered by the public for use by the New Zealand Rough Riders in the South African War (1899-1902). Here sixty of them are seen being officially inspected outside the Rink Stables of W. Hayward & Co. at 199 Armagh Street. Fourteen of them passed all tests and were taken to camp that night. Fodder was supplied by George Treleaven & Co., produce merchants, of 193 Armagh Street and shipped to South Africa for the horses.

And in this picture, horses are shown being watered in the Avon River. The Rink Stables in Armagh Street and Christchurch Cathedral are also pictured.

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We have digitised a rather splendid 1902 publication Tourists’ guide to Canterbury.

I will share some of the interesting ads and pictures from it in a series of posts – there’s lots of information about local businesses and places in 1902.

Jaquie Brown’s guide to everything – New Zealand e-book month

This book is Jaquie’s guide to all things important to the modern good-looking woman, from food and your body, to animals, birds and the environment, fashion and being cool, love, romance and dating, and politics. If you find Jaquie boring (unlikely), she’s included some recipes, quizzes and puzzles for your enjoyment.

Jaquie is full of tips and useful information on how to navigate life; for instance, how to lose weight by becoming a Breatherian, what your hat says about you, or how to know if you’re talking to an alien. She exposes the truth about swans, tells you what words to use if you want to be cool and which words to avoid, and lets you in on the rules for rescuing a friend if they’ve got food stuck in their teeth.

You can read Jaquie Brown’s guide to everything as an e-book from our Overdrive collection.

Jaquie Brown’s guide to everything is also available as a paper book.