The crime of Huey Dunstan – New Zealand e-book month

A young man stands in the dock accused of murder. A brutal murder, apparently motiveless. When Professor Chesney, a psychologist specialising in trauma, is called as an expert witness, he is at first baffled. This young man, Huey Dunstan, was a bubbly, smiling child not so long ago. What brought him to bludgeon an old man to death? Why does he seem determined at all cost to incriminate himself?

As Ches delves into Huey’s past, with the sensitive insight that perhaps only a blind man could have, a psychological mystery unravels. And the jury is asked to consider an unthinkable defence. Inspired by an actual criminal case, The Crime of Huey Dunstan takes us beyond questions of guilt and innocence to thought-provoking ideas on justice and humanity. An emotionally engaging, beautifully written novel from one of New Zealand’s most revered writers.

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The crime of Huey Dunstan is also available as a paper book

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Ngaio Marsh: Picturing Canterbury

Ngaio Marsh

Ngaio Marsh photographed during the 1940s: “Ngaio in the spotlight” [194-]