140 characters of New Zealand Book Month

CoverWe’d love to join us in a New Zealand Book Month activity – share your teeny tiny review or pithy observation, maybe even a favourite NZ lit quote. You might like to point us in the direction of an awesome Aotearoa resource. It can be whatever you like – New Zealand books, authors, places, themes, poems, images.

Just use the hashtag #nznutshell on Twitter, or share it here in the comments. Or if you’d like to pop one in the email, send it to us at competition@christchurchcitylibraries.com. We will gather them together to make a compendium of short and nifty stuff – a big ole celebration of New Zealand books and booky people.

Ngaio MarshHere are a few examples:

“The same week our fowls were stolen, Daphne Moran had her throat cut”. Killer opening lines: R H Morrieson’s The Scarecrow. #nznutshell

Ngaio Marsh as Hamlet & other wonders – a @digitalnz set. #nznutshell

If you are into booky stuff, sign up for the @iiml newsletter & follow them. Literary love-in. #nznutshell

And here is the Storify of all the tweets here!

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