Death of a queen of crime

Photo of interior of Ngaio Marsh's houseOn February  18, 1982, writer Dame Ngaio Marsh died  at her home in Cashmere. She was one of the famous Queens of Crime (along with Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers) who emerged in the 1930s.

What isn’t so well known is the  impact she had on the cultural life of Christchurch and New Zealand as a theatre director and nurturer of a generation of acting talents through her involvement with the Canterbury University College Drama Society and other touring productions. (Mervyn Thompson and Sam Neill were among those who acted in her productions)

She also wrote an autobiography Black Beech and Honeydew which is a snapshot of life in early C20th Christchurch for a particular class of people.

Christchurch City Libraries has a Ngaio Marsh collection featuring her work in many different languages. We also have a small collection of photographs, and of course plenty of her works to read.

Her home in Cashmere is now open to visitors. These photographs give an idea of what the house is like inside.

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