It’s the end of the world. Again. Armageddon Expo is coming.

Dust off your Daleks and polish up your Pokemon – Armageddon is early this year (9 and 10 March 2013). Our household is full of very earnest discussions about what shade of grey is acceptable for which character, and whether international shipping can be relied upon to deliver the necessary in time for the big weekend. The girl-child is attempting two different cosplay costumes, one from the insanely popular Homestuck online comic series, and the other from something that I am not even beginning to understand. There’s body-paint involved, and horns made out of papier-mache, and that’s all I care to know, frankly.

If you or your dear ones want to join the madness this year, fear not – the library has a range of resources to help sort out those pesky costume issues, study up on pop culture and comics, or just embrace your inner fanboy/girl.
Armageddon Expo 2010Armageddon Expo 2012

And if all else fails, and inspiration is still lacking, travel back in time and read our reports from previous years’ Armageddon visits.

Christchurch – this week in history (11 February – 17 February)

Cathedral12 February 1905
The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament opens. Designed by F.W. Petre, it is widely regarded as the finest Renaissance building in New Zealand.

15 February 1976
25,000 attend concert by pop singer Neil Diamond at Q.E.II Park.

16-17 February 1963
Visit by the Queen and Duke of Edinbugh. The New Brighton trotting course was bought by the City and re-named Queen Elizabeth Park in her honour.

16 February 1770
Captain James Cook in the “Endeavour” sights Banks “Island” (Peninsula).

Cover16 February 1988
Mr William Burton, the last surviving member of Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s “Terra Nova” expedition of 1910-1913, dies in Christchurch, aged 99.

17 February 1908
30-metre whale stranded at Okarito. The skeleton is now on display at the Canterbury Museum. An article in Te Ara The encyclopedia of New Zealand tells the story of the skeleton and its acquisition.

17 February 1939
New Millers Department Store building opens. Designed by G. A. J. Hart, the building contained the South Island’s first escalator. It later became the Christchurch City Council office.

More February events in our Christchurch chronology.