On Thursday 7 February 2013, the Environment and Infrastructure Committee of the Christchurch City Council recommended the historic Victoria Clock Tower be restored to full working order due to its heritage and architectural significance.

Find out about the history of Christchurch’s “town clock”.

The Clock Tower – neglected by the Government, admired by the People on the Lost Christchurch website  reveals its trials and tribulations in various locations. It also reveals interesting facets of its history. The Clock Tower was a gathering place for pre-World War One anti-militarism:

During 1912 and 1913, the Clock Tower became the rallying point for passive resisters and anti-militarists. Addresses were given there on most Saturday nights, and these caused obstructions to traffic, resulting in police summonses and what were called in the media, the ‘clock tower’ cases.


Clock tower, High Street, Christchurch ca. 1913

Victoria Street clocktower
1 February 2013.