Christchurch City Libraries leaders answer questions on Twitter

Library leaders from Christchurch City Libraries took part in a live Q&A session on Twitter. It took place on Thursday 7 February 2013 from 11.15am to 11.45am and used the hashtag #AskCCL. Here’s a Storify of the questions and answers.

  1. Got a question for library leaders? Fire it to us with hashtag #askccl They’ll be online from 11.15am to 11.45am ^DR
  2. Library opening hours
  3. Steven asked about having opening hours of the library extended after 4pm on weekends at some libraries. #askccl ^DR
  4. We are continually reviewing opening hours based on changing demographics & patterns of usage. #askccl ^DR
  5. @ChristchurchLib Not really a question, but I would be keen for one of the city libraries to stay open past 6pm weekdays. #feedback #askccl
  6. @moatatamaira We are keeping an eye on demand for service after 6pm & number of users in central city. #askccl ^DR
  7. @moatatamaira Thanks for asking because this helps us see what demand is there. #askccl ^DR
  8. . @moatatamaira @rachNZ77 Definitely hearing the keenness for some later nights in town. Will pass this on, thanks. #askccl ^DR
  9. @ChristchurchLib Are there any plans for longer opening hours for suburban libraries on weekends? Me and the kids get caught out. #askccl
  10. @00k Sorry for the later reply – this has come up in the #askccl session so we’ll be looking into options. Thanks for your feedback. ^DR
  11. @ChristchurchLib Cheers. I know there’s a lot of thing to consider when extending hours.
  12. Fendalton Library
  13. @ChristchurchLib Hello, do you have any plans to open Fendalton Library on a Sunday? #askccl
  14. @cherylbernstein Good question. We’ve tried twice & have been unable to obtain necessary resource consent for Sundays. #askccl ^DR
  15. @ChristchurchLib thanks for trying. We hope you succeed in the end. It’s a fantastic community facility.
  16. Sumner services
  17. Grace, Kim & Angie on FB suggested the Sumner mobile van park in the village instead of at Cave Rock. #askccl ^DR
  18. We are exploring several options for mobile van & library service in Sumner. More info in near future. #askccl ^DR
  19. E-books
  20. @ChristchurchLib Has the introduction of ebooks to the libraries made a difference to the physical presence of people in #chch libraries?
  21. @gingagma Demand for e-books is increasing, & working hard to make more available. E-book training is v popular for customers. #askccl ^DR
  22. @ChristchurchLib What’s the policy regarding ebooks vs physical books? (Not everyone can use ebooks.) #askccl
  23. @00k We will continue to provide a wide range of material in print. Some titles are only available in e-format. #askccl ^DR
  24. @ChristchurchLib That’s a rather hand-wavy reply. Perhaps 140chars isn’t enough to explain your policy? How about a blog post? #askccl
  25. Hi @00k I’ll talk to our Content staff for a more expansive answer. Yes, sometimes hard to get all the info into 140. #askccl ^DR
  26. @ChristchurchLib as your range of ebooks increases, would you open the borrowing group to outside of #chch?
  27. @gingagma Licensing arrangements prevent us from offering e-books outside CCC area. #askccl ^DR
  28. Other topics
  29. @ChristchurchLib Do you have any James Bond themed displays planned for the 50th anniversary of James Bond?
  30. @ChristchurchLib Just wanted to say I really like the Library presence in social media. Thank you.
  31. @lilith_grace Our pleasure. We welcome your interest and love hearing from customers. (positive comments too!) ^DR
  32. Over and out ….
  33. Kia ora & thanks for your questions & comments. #askccl Let us know if you’d like it again. Our contact info ^DR

Q&A with library leaders on Twitter

Kia ora. Today’s the day we go live with library leaders on Twitter. Thursday 7 February 2013, 11.15am to 11.45am library leaders will be available to answer any questions and hear your comments and ideas about our services. Join in by tweeting, using the hashtag #askccl

Twitter session