The summer hols of a bookie nerd

CoverI tried to go to the West Coast for my summer holidays. I tried to go there in October as well to see the white herons nesting. The roads however, insisted on being either snowed in or washed out. After much pounding on keyboards I ended up in Hanmer instead. And what is there to do in Hanmer but relax? (Well alright you could rush around in jet boats, on foot, or on bicycles and bounce around on the end of a rubber rope, but that’s my idea of hell)

My book loving friends always look to me to for a haul of nice new library books to bring on holiday and some new authors for them to try. They introduce me to a few as well. We read each other’s favourite authors and put the ones we like on our ‘for later’ shelves. Can you tell I’m a librarian?


So –  total relaxation, hot weather, lots of books to lounge around reading and lashings of lemonade– my summer hols were my idea of bliss.

My new finds:

  • Ben Sanders – a New Zealand mystery writer in the tradition of American police detective fiction. Well worth a read.
  • Donna Malane – The NZ Marcia Muller. Her detective is every bit as entertaining as the American equivalent.

Their new finds

  • Brian McGilloway One of the new generation of Irish crime writers. If you like a good police procedural give him a go.
  • Anne Holt and Kjell Eriksson Anne Holt is hot property at the moment, but hands up those who have heard of Kjell Eriksson. His books are not your run-of- the –mill Scandinavian crime. They’re a bit different and I find them entertaining and a sometimes thought provoking.
  • Colin Cotterill His contribution left my friend chuckling and begging to take the book with her to finish.

2 thoughts on “The summer hols of a bookie nerd

  1. Vanessaccl 31 January 2013 / 9:49 am

    Hi Bernice, Colin Cotterill was one of my 2012 discoveries. Is your friend a fan of Dr Siri or of his newer character Jimm Juree?

  2. berniceccl 1 February 2013 / 4:51 pm

    Its Dr Siri that has her hooked. I love him too.

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