Crabby library bloggers celebrate 3000 posts

Oh hai blog readers, we are happy to bring you post #3000 on the Christchurch City Libraries blog!

On 10 May 2011 we celebrated our 2000th blog post with 2001 a bloggy odyssey. Today we are a millennia on from that.

And in more statistical stuff, here are some of our figures from last year (courtesy of our buddies at WordPress). In 2012, there were 595 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 2,983 posts. The busiest day of the year was 17 February 2012. The most popular post that day was Librarians get crabby.
Most viewed posts in 2012
1.    Rescued from the rubble: Read the first 50 years of The Press on Papers Past
2.    Librarians get crabby
3.    Words for Christchurch: Atka Reid and Hana Schofield
4.    Peterborough’s the name of my latest flame – The Displaced Reader goes to town
5.    Sexy Avocados and Shocking Books

Thanks to our team of bloggers and readers and commenters. Love. Your. Work. Stay tuned.

Better later than never – how to talk about books you haven’t read

A post about my bloated For Later shelf aroused some sympathy from colleagues with one kind person bringing to my attention  a book called How to Talk about Books You Haven’t Read.

A book I did not read in 2012

The author is Pierre Bayard, a literature professor at the University of Paris and a psychoanalyst – an ideal combination. He can furnish me with a system to get credit for having a list, indeed for even knowing about the books on it, and he can explain my compulsion to list all the books I want to read but haven’t.

The beauty of Bayard’s thesis is that you don’t actually have to read a book cover to cover in order to have it count.  I quote the learned Professor :

Non-reading is not just the absence of reading. It is a genuine activity, one that consists of adopting a stance in relation to the immense tide of books that prevents you from drowning.

His notation system did cause a couple of qualms – SB – Book I have skimmed  and HB – Book I have heard about are right up my alley and there will be lists as soon as I get around to creating them. BB – Book I have blogged about is a possible personal addition. But  UB – Book unknown to me and FB – Book I have forgotten are more of a worry.

If they are unknown or forgotten how can I add them to a list? Or perhaps that is an even more beautiful feature of this system. Non-list making is a genuine activity too.