Snoopy or silence

Love it or hate it there is no escaping Christmas music. Personally I am just about ready to boycott any business that insists on blasting it uninvited into my ears when I visit. Particularly Snoopy’s Christmas. This piece of music is my bête noir as a librarian because, despite its popularity, for some unknown reason it is impossible to buy or borrow a score of it – so if you have one you’re thinking of getting rid of, your local library would be eternally grateful for a donation.

However, I am happy to choose my own Christmas music and my own time for listening to it – strictly Christmas Eve in my case – so I often take home a CD from the library. I quite like a traditional rendition of carols and maybe some jazz.

To select one to suit your own individual tastes try browsing our extensive website guide to Christmas music at the library.

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