The past, the future or just plain crazy? Our selectors share cool new stuff

The where the why and the how: 75 artists illustrate wondrous mysteries of science by Jenny Volcocski

The inspiration for this book came from the many theoretical scientific questions that have often not quite been fully answered.  A group of scientists have written the theory behind these questions and artists were encouraged to illustrate as they wished.  This has produced a gorgeous, interesting and quirky book

Unforgotten by Tohby Riddle

Although this is a children’s book it struck me as one that may be even more appreciated by adults. Angels (or are they) watch, wait and comfort. This gentle story has beautiful illustrations and if you watch the Youtube video, it will give you an idea of the treat that lies in wait for you.

Hello my name is Pabst: Baby names for nonconformist, Indie, Geeky, DIY, Hipster, and Alterna-parents of every kind by Meik Bruno.

Good for a laugh, or perhaps you are looking for that ultimate one-off original name? I wonder as we enrol children in the library from now on we will start to see more “Vegan and Gluten-Free Names” (Miso, Quinoa), or “Names to CTRL+C and CTRL+V” (Adobe, Helvetica) or heaven help us “Names You Can Drink at the Bar” (Jager, Hennessey).

Jack the Ripper: The hand of a woman by John Morris

There have been many theories as to the identity of Jack the Ripper, but never before has it been suggested the murderer was a female. In a well-argued case, Morris names the key suspect as Lizzie Williams, wife of Royal gynaecologist Sir John Williams, later a suspect himself. Well researched this book brings a new twist to our fascination with the Ripper murders. Has this 124 year old cold case now been solved?

Vintage tomorrows : What steampunk can teach us about the future  by James Carrott.

Oamaru is the self declared Steampunk capital of the world and now that Christchurch can boast its own Steampunk group this book could well be of interest. It shows how the Steampunk genre has captivated makers, hackers, artists, designers, writers and others throughout the  world. Vintage Tomorrows offers insights into what Steampunk’s alternative history says about our world – and its technological future.

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