Nanowrimo – Wherefore art thou, Muse!

Phew! Being a Wrimo is hard work. What initially felt like glorious inspiration has turned into a full-on slog. I’m full of self-doubt at this stage wondering what on earth I’m doing spending my evenings tapping away at my laptop and sweating blood over the most boring piece of writing in existence – ever.

Last night I was so fed up with everything that I decided not to write but read instead. I picked up Kate Grenville’s Searching for the Secret River. Like Grenville, I am writing historical fiction so I flicked lackadaisically through the chapters looking for inspiration. The first page of Part Two hit me like a bolt from the blue. Grenville talks about her early attempts at novel writing in which she started at page one and tried to write the whole novel. She failed several times. What is a much better idea, she says, is to follow the energy instead. Write what interests you. Write the most interesting bits and the rest will take care of itself.

It was just the motivation I needed. An image of a fire came into my mind. I picked up my laptop and dived in. My story is morphing and goodness knows how I will link it to real history but it is becoming a lot more interesting. I’m following the energy and this is the only way I can see I’ll sustain this pace for a whole month.

I’ve just checked the stats and the Christchurch Wrimos have already exceeded the one and a half  million word mark. Well done, everyone!  That’s awesome. Happy writing and may the Muse never desert you!