Showing out: the 1886 Canterbury A&P exhibition

We’ve just digitised the programme for the 1886 Grand November Show : to be held in the grounds of the Association, Colombo Street, Christchurch. This was the last show held in Sydenham, in 1887 it moved to Addington, then in 1997 it moved to Wigram.

Delving into the programme, I note the General regulation number 9 states: Persons in charge of Machinery worked by steam power must use coke. Hmmm. And number 30 consoles childless cows and sheep with the possibility of winning a prize for being fat:

Any Cow or Ewe which is barren shall not be eligible to take a Prize, except in the Fat Stock classes.

There are some Private Prizes on offer too. I quite like the Lyttelton Times Cup for the best sample of Hams and Bacon. I wonder if there was a super fry up after (or before) judging. This would have gone quite nicely with the prize for the best assortment of pickles.

I include this advertisement from the programme. It shows the classic Victorian typeface pileup which I love (follow my posts on the 1902 Tourists’ guide to Canterbury for more typographic gems).