Going South: Our selectors share cool new stuff

Once again it is time for a few choice titles from our selectors.

Mike Wilkinson Our far South
Mike, an outstanding photographer, was chosen to join the expedition organized by Gareth Morgan to New Zealand’s far South. He created a moving tribute to the Southern Ocean, the islands, its wildlife and Antarctica. It is a record of our time now, but one that is under threat by introduced pests, climate change  and overfishing.

Here are some other titles on the same subject that you also might find interesting.

Jason Anthony: Hoosh : Roast penguin, scurvy day, and other stories of Antarctic cuisine
Keeping with the Antarctic theme, seeing as it has just been Ice Fest, this is one of those intriguing books that is full of interesting titbits, including ,minted peas being created with the help of toothpaste and 101 things to do with penguin! Well not quite, but there are enough anecdotes alongside environmental effects of food waste and inefficient management to keep any Antarticaphile happy.

Some other new and interesting stuff:

James W. Hall : Hit Lit: Cracking the code.
The code being cracked here is what titles made the biggest bestsllers of the 20th century.  A very interesting book that looks at what the big smash hits of the last century had in common.  Some novels are still read today and as popular as ever for example To Kill a Mockingbird and Gone with the wind, where others are part of our social history such as Valley of the dolls and The Bridges of Madison county – a bit like 50 shades phenomenon which has everyone aquiver now but may puzzle people in 2022.

Stacy London  The Truth about style (as reviewed by this blog)
This book won’t give you a list of ten must-have items in your closet, or tell you how to hide your hips or tummy. It won’t tell you what color to wear if you’re a brunette or redhead, and it won’t inform you of what items should be purged from your closet. But it will help you realize how fellow women have learned to find personal style… and may help you find yours along the way.

Jason Miles : Pinterest Power: Market your business. sell your product, and build your brand on the world’s hottest social network
Here was me thinking that Pinterest was just like an online scrapbook or all your favourite pretty pictures of home decorating ideas, craft, weddings and such like.  Now it is being picked up by business and as the third largest social networking site in the world it obviously has uses far in excess of what my meagre attempts represent.

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