Hairy dieters & fun with duct tape: Our selectors share cool new stuff

At Christchurch City Libraries we have a team of librarians who choose the stock for the library, this includes all the books, electronic books, DVDs, CDs and magazines. As you can imagine this is a wonderful job! You may wonder how we make our decisions, how do we know what is going to be popular or what is the next ‘big thing’?  Often it is our customers who help us out by requesting titles that they have come across, but we also read a large number of reviewing journals, articles, and newspapers. In other words we are information junkies who trawl and search constantly for stock of great depth and variety for customers to enjoy.

We often come across the slightly odd, the quirky, the unusual and the downright interesting in our searches, so we are going to include a selection of some of these each month for our blog readers so that you too can appreciate what we see and enjoy every day.

The Hairy dieters : How to love food and lose weight

Famous for their love of food and seeming disregard for lean ingredients these two hairy fellows have lost 6 stone between them, and knocked EL James (50 Shades of Grey) off the UK bestseller list. Quite an accomplishment on both fronts.

Crazy-cool Duct tape projects for fashion and flair

Toilet paper has taken on new meaning with the ads on TV recently featuring fashion design students but when I first saw this title I thought it must be a joke.  But no, it would seem that duct tape has undergone a renaissance no longer just dull and brown, it comes in a variety of shades and patterns and can be used for making essential accessories.

Book coverNo Easy day

This book sent the Pentagon into a spiral as it claims that Osama Bin Laden was unarmed when he was killed by the Navy Seal mission. Attempts were made to stop the publication but although we haven’t received it yet it would seem that it will soon be on its way.

The last boys picked : Helping boys who don’t play sports survive bullies and boyhood

Bullying has been very much in the news lately, billed as “Compassionate, empowering and instructive”, this book will hopefully be useful for any parents dealing with this very painful issue.

The Last pictures

This is one of those books that jumped out at me because it seemed like such an interesting idea.  The satellites that circle our earth constantly could well be what remains after we are gone… and the artist Trevor Paglen has developed a collection of one hundred images that will be etched onto an ultra-archival, golden silicon disc and sent into orbit on board the Echostar XVI satellite in September 2012, as both a time capsule and a message to the future.

Samoan Language Week: Picturing Canterbury

Samoan Language week
Samoan Language Week.  Jan-Hai and Wiremu at Mini Linwood Library.