Courgette carnage

I’m a killer. I confess.

I have managed to knock off courgette plant number one for 2012 in less than a week.  This is an improvement on last year, when I went through three before managing to get one to grow. Excited about the arrival of spring this year, I had dutifully prepared my vegetable garden beds which incidentally have expanded in number. I am attributing this to my well planned and successfully orchestrated guerilla campaign of last year. This involved stealthily planting veges in strategic places to an unpredictable timetable, all through the bloke’s flower gardens. I also brought home lots of books on companion planting (see a whole selection of titles here…) and artfully left them strewn all over the house with feigned nonchalance hoping to convince him it was a great  idea.

In the end,  having initially refused to increase the space allocated to the cultivation of kai (in case it didn’t get looked after?) he got sick and tired of my edibles messing up the look of his beautifully maintained flower beds and  kindly expanded mine with the assistance of  Mr 8. On the proviso that I,  “Look after it” (translation:  keep it weeded). Bless.   Unfortunately it appears I was over-eager at the weekend, planting seeds and transplanting  little seedlings into my garden as we’ve had a frost since then. I went out in the morning to discover my poor courgette, all limp and slimy looking- a victim of hypothermia perhaps? ?

Since then I’ve been scouring the library catalogue for gardening books about what I should be planting when, to avoid any more accidental assassinations.  So far, I’ve found this one to be quite inspirational – One Magic Square. It just goes to prove you don’t need a jumbo-sized garden to be a successful vege cultivator and explains how you can make your small patch super-productive with different crops in different seasons.

The Small Edible garden looks promising (I’ve got it on hold).  I’m trying to grow organically so hopefully this will offer some good tips.

Finally this one looks like it might give the children some good ideas Yates Young Gardener. We had lots of success last year with peas and radishes.  This might help us expand our horizons.

Do you have any ideas to help me get my spring garden going?