Safari Books Online: your guide to the wilderness of technology

I like to think I am a pretty literate person. I love to read, debate the issues and communicate. Yet there is a world out there that eludes me – the world of technology. If you watch that brilliant comedy The Big Bang Theory,  then I am the character Penny (without the flat stomach, blonde hair and bone structure). When the I.T  department comes to play with my computer they tend to lose me  right after the word “file path”.

I am not an inherently lazy person it is just that I get the impression that even if I learned all I needed to know – within a week I would be out of date!

Not everyone shares my bewilderment. There are people out there who love all the challenges that changing technology  presents. There are also those who don’t have an I.T. department to save them when things go wrong!  This is where the library can help.

We provide access to Safari Books Online, an electronic reference library of technology, digital media and business texts. Safari has it all from artificial intelligence and mark-up languages to desktop publishing and networking.  If the words HTML, Java, Perl and Android applications full you with excitement then you are in the right place. If you know that “Python” is not just a really big snake and that “Perl” is not just a knitting pattern then this resource will be a bonanza for you. You can search across all of Safari’s texts or simply flick to the page you need at any time of the day or night.

Access this and many other useful topics at the Source with your library card number and PIN. Bazinga!

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