Hone Tuwhare – A Poet to Arouse the Senses

When I heard in 2008 that Hone Tuwhare  had died, I felt saddened. I thought about how the country had lost one of its special artists and wordsmiths and from now on, there would be no new poems conjured from his wonderful mind. Fortunately the library collection has many of his books, along with a biography by Janet Hunt and a CD of this poems, Tuwhare,  put to music and performed by leading New Zealand artists.

I first came across one of his poems in Essential New Zealand Poems, a book, by the way, that is a excellent collection of some our finest poets’ works.

I went on to explore more of his works, he published over 20 collections in book form and was a fascinating person to hear being interviewed or reading his work. Insightful, irreverent and accessible, his poems are a celebration of life, and he particularly loved writing about food, sex, music and nature. His political poems are pithy and relevant yet from the common man’s point of view.

From his collection “Oooooo……!!!”

On life’s eternal river we float on… and on, forever – like a stream of light enhancing our understanding of human love and life! Kia Ora!

Who is your favourite New Zealand poet?

One thought on “Hone Tuwhare – A Poet to Arouse the Senses

  1. releccl 14 September 2012 / 2:21 pm

    Tuwhare would be right up there for me and also Apirana Taylor. If you ever get a chance to hear him giving a reading i would recommend going. I had the opportunity to hear him last year- so powerful, moved some in the room to tears.

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