Christchurch – this week in history (3 – 9 September)

4 September 2010
The Darfield earthquake woke Canterbury at 4:35am. The magnitude 7.1. quake was centred 40km west of Christchurch.

5 September 1987
Canterbury Rowing Club 125th anniversary – believed to be the oldest sports club in New Zealand.

Opening of the season at the Canterbury Rowing Club [1893]
The view is north from Ward’s Brewery, on the corner of Kilmore Street and Fitzgerald Avenue. Beyond are the boathouses of the Avon and United Clubs.
6 September 1980
$9.5 million Wijenburgh Icon exhibition  opens at Robert McDougall Art Gallery.

7 September 1850
First Canterbury Association settlers sail from Plymouth, England on the Charlotte Jane, Randolph, Cressy and the Sir George Seymour.

7 September 1863
City’s first murder trial. G. Lumley convicted of manslaughter. ( see Monday September 7 1863 Supreme Court in Lyttelton Times, 9 September 1863 via Papers Past)

More September events in our Christchurch chronology.

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