Watch a movie! at the book festival!

Because we have the amazing Joanne Drayton here to talk about her recent book The Search for Anne Perry, the clever festival people have managed to organise three screenings of the 2009 documentary Anne Perry: Interiors as a kind of hors d’oeuvre (or maybe a counterpoint? I’ll let you know), before Joanne’s presentation, 3.30pm tomorrow (Saturday).  I caught the first screening this morning at 10am, and there was another session straight after that at 11.30, but if you missed both of those there is one final chance to see it on Sunday at 3.30pm.

It’s well worth a watch, even despite a bit of a glitchy start, and notwithstanding the 3D surround-sound experience of sitting next to a woman whose bottle of fizzy drink exploded spectacularly all over her about halfway through.  The YMCA is an interesting venue to be in, and after I stopped expecting someone to burst through the door to make me start exercising, I settled down and really enjoyed the documentary.  It’s a beautiful piece of film-making, and a very interesting portrait of a no doubt difficult subject.  There are moments of comedy, and the undoubted star of the show is definitely the small spotty terrier, but overall it’s a mesmerising and poignant portrayal of a woman who, I have to say, remains a mystery still, even despite the increasing amount of material being produced about her.

I managed to write 5 pages of notes in the dark, and almost all of the words are legible, but I’m not going to share them until after tomorrow’s session with Joanne Drayton.  I will be really interested to see how (or if) the two pictures mesh.  In the meantime, you should think about attending Sunday’s viewing (it’s free!), and make sure you grab a ticket for Joanne’s session tomorrow as well.  And if, as it seems so many of us in this city are, you are really obsessed with Perry/Hulme, and Parker, and those long-ago Christchurch events, remember that the library has copies of Drayton’s new book, last year’s book So Brilliantly Clever, by Peter Graham, and a raft of other information as well.

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