Short, sweet: PechaKucha #15

PechakuchaPechaKucha #15 took place last night as part of The Press Christchurch Writers Festival, so this one had a literary bent. The crowd was young, international and hip. 11 speakers fronted up and had 20 seconds and 20 images to explore their theme. In the PechaKucha spirit, I will keep it brief – no more than 20 words to convey each speaker:

Chris Turney // scientist & writer // on scientific exploration
1912, 5 expeditions to Antarctic, all doing science. Penguins in corsets, penguins punched in face.

Rachael King // novelist // on creepy ’70s & ’80s children’s television
Rocks with eyes,  these shows were made for kids WTF? I hope Red Rocks scares the bejesus out of kids.

Doc Drumheller // poet // on haiku In transit
Beautiful sights, beautiful words. Beautiful sites. Beautiful words.

Anke Richter // journalist // on being Kraut, becoming Kiwi – why stereotypes work
Bavarians are the Aucklanders of Germany. Kraftwerk were good Germans. Battle of Britain party in NZ? RAF=Red Army Faction.

Michael Smythe // design historian // on Christchurch by design: top per-capital performer?
Robertson Stewart. 1974 Commonwealth Games design. Bill Hammond chunky toys. Bill Hamilton. Tait. Skellerup. John Britten. Edmonds “Sure to Rise” branding was 5 years before Coke.

Marianne Elliott // zen peacekeeper, change-maker & storyteller // on superheroes & the importance of your origin story
Captain America – polio. X-Men – born different. Superman – alien. Batman – loss … family tradition of missionary service – Papua New Guinea, Africa, South America.

Elizabeth Knox // writer // on Mt Cook, 1954
Dad a mountain guide at The Hermitage. Climbing. No fear of falling. Here he is standing on a peak:  “See the cigarette in his mouth, that’s what eventually got him”.

Mark Spurgeon // graphic designer / on hand painted signage
Ah the serifs. The earthquake revealed wonders, took them away. 17 of the signs on these photos have disappeared.

Veronika Meduna // science writer // on science in Antarctica
Researchers have drilled down to the Pleioscene. The ice is an archive of information. Underwater alive with colour.

Ross Gumbley // playwright and Court Theatre artistic director // on ‘If life were like the movies’
Alpha Centauri watches our movies and make deductions about life on earth. We have L shaped sheets to cover nipples of the lady, while the man is barechested.

Rebecca Priestley // science historian and writer // on New Zealand in the atomic age
NZ scientists on the Manhattan Project. 1955 – uranium discovered in Buller Gorge. Nuclear testing. Strontium and caesium in our bones. Protest. Norman Kirk. Nuclear free New Zealand. David Lange. Rainbow Warrior. A decade of research for Mad about Radium.
Slide from Mark Spurgeon's Pechakucha talk on signageSlide from Elizabeth Knox's Pechakucha talk on The Hermitage and her DadSlide from Mark Spurgeon's Pechakucha talk on signageSlide from Rachael King's Pechakucha talk on spooky 70s and 80s tv for kidsSlide from Chris Turney's Pechakucha talk

2 thoughts on “Short, sweet: PechaKucha #15

  1. Anonymousse 1 September 2012 / 7:41 pm

    Rocks with eyes? What was that show called? I’ve never been able to remember.

  2. Donna 1 September 2012 / 10:01 pm

    Escape into night – based on Marianne Dreams by Catherine Storr, Sounds spooky ooky,

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