She wasn’t expecting THAT …

Press writers' festival logoAlong with my fellow bloggers, I am off to The Press Christchurch Writers Festival this week.  If you’ve been following recently, you will know that many of us have spent heaps of time already preparing for the festival, by reading books, stalking authors, looking at interviews, and doing lots and lots of background research, and then writing about what we are looking forward to.

I too have done some of this, but I’ve also made a deliberate decision this year to NOT do research on some sessions.  There’s nothing like that moment of almost-terror that comes when you walk into a session and realise that you really have no idea what is approaching.  It does have its drawbacks sometimes (I don’t get to nod knowingly and make irritating “I knew that” noises), but it also has its moments of great reward.

In this spirit, here’s a couple of sessions I’m looking forward to that I know almost nothing about, YET.

  • PechaKucha Night – Thursday night in the Geo Dome.  Tagline – 20 images in 20 seconds.  What does this mean?  I’m not sure.  I could Google it and find out, but that would spoil the fun, wouldn’t it?
  • The Great Art War – Sunday afternoon at the Court Theatre.  A musical about the collision of politics and art.  Who’s in it?  Don’t know.  What style of music? No idea.  Who’s starring?  Not sure.  Will it be good?  Almost certainly!

If you can’t cope with this level of uncertainty in your life, here are some links to prepare you in the last few days before the Festival starts on Thursday:

But if you want to bravely step into the unknown, just turn up, grab whatever tickets you can on the day (cash or Eft-Pos only, at the GeoDome), and prepare to be amazed …

(PS.  I lied, just a little, about the PechaKucha night – I had no idea about how to even pronounce it, and in my head all I could hear was Pikachu, so I DID find a little bit of help online,  just for that bit).

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