Aranui Library – here I come!

Wall panels going upToday I had the pleasure of a sneaky preview of the new Aranui Library, and it really is a beautiful thing to behold!  The design lets the sun in (when we have some that is), there are lovely big windows to look out on the park, gorgeous lampshades, lovely coloured chairs, a great children’s area and community spaces that I’m sure will be really well used.

However all of this loveliness aside I couldn’t help but be impressed with the sight of the stock that is gradually filling the shelves. For a couple of years now the team of buyers for the library have been diligently purchasing new stock, and seeing it  there today in its untouched glory almost brought tears to my eyes!

Sonjas kitchenBeyond blingHomemade: the heart and science of handcraftsStreet Fonts

I have a special place in my heart for the art and craft section and I can’t wait to get down there and grab myself a few brand spanking new books. The Pacific collection, which was especially asked for by the community is also rather special and has a great spot in a sunny corner of the library.

At the moment the whole site is a hive of activity and the Community planting day will have the place looking even better. Explore our pages on Aranui Library for more information about this exciting new addition to the library network.

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